Finaly my own 850

Ever since I was a boy I’ve been dreaming about a cream-yellow Volvo 850 T-5R. Now the time has come to drive one, virtual, but still.

Volvo and Simbin have released Volvo, the game. This racing game gives you an idea how it is to race with some well-known Volvo’s. You can choose from a 240 up to the not yet released S60 concept and steer those as fast as possible over 2 racing tracks. And yes Dave, the C30 is there as well, so there is no need for speeding on the dutch highways anymore!

And the best of all this… it’s free of charge! You will get a few adds while the game is loading, but I still think it’s a great deal.

You can find the 570MB download here: Volvo the game

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