Online archive access with Outlook 2007

I have been happily using Outlook 2010 now for a few months and love the access to my Exchange 2010 online archive. However, since SCCM is not functional yet some of my co-workers are still on Office 2007 (and thus Outlook 2007). Support for Exchange 2010 online archive has been announced a while back and I was under the impression that it was already implemented.

It seems you have to request and install the following hotfix: KB2412273

The added support for the Exchange 2010 online archive isn’t mentioned in the release notes, but trust me… it’s there!

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    Thank you so much, this will help out alot.

    You wouldnt happen to know of any updates or fixes for Outlook 2010 Pro, not Pro Plus, to allow access to the online archive?

  2. James,
    I’m not aware of a way to use the online archive in non Professional Plus editions of Office 2010.


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