How to solve the screen flickering on a XPS 13 (2015)


I’ve been using a beautiful Dell XPS 13 (9343) for the last 3 months as my primary machine. Not only has it a decent processor (i7), it also has a beautiful high resolution screen. The brightness and contrast is much better than on the Lenovo X1 Carbon that I’ve been using previously. But the screen has also been the source of some headaches…

After installing our corporate Windows 10 Enterprise installation on the XPS, I’ve noticed some annoying flickering of the screen.

It’s not always there, but it seems to be triggered by the power management. When waking up it showed behavior similar to below. (which is not my video)

Most of the time it would solve itself by pressing the start button, which seems to correct the issue, otherwise a reboot will solve it. After reading about a similar issue on the Surface Book with the discrete graphics, I started to search for a solution;

  • Checking with the Dell Update tool just gave me “your system is up to date”.
  • According to the Dell support website, I am using the most recent Intel graphics driver.
  • The last thing I tried was going into device manager, selecting the display adapter and select Update Driver Software…

Then select Search automatically for updated driver software


To my surprise, it found a newer driver and started the download and the installation.

During installation the screen turned black and for me it stayed black with only a ‘waiting ring’ showing. After waiting for 5 minutes, I decided it was time to power cycle the XPS.

Since then, the Ultrabook has not showed the flickering screen again. As an added bonus, I’ve not seen any stability issues when working on battery power. Before I experienced several BSOD’s when using the XPS on battery.

I hope this helps you to solve the flickering!

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