Who says the command line isn’t sexy?

Recently I have been doing a lot with Powershell. There is just one issue… a blue window with white text on it, it’s not really cool is it? Especially when you are running lenghty scripts, it just looks cool for geeks like myself.

How cool would it be if the PowerShell window could be transparant? It doesn’t add any functionality ofcourse, but it does look sexy.

At http://www.powertheshell.com/transparent-console/ I have found a handy module that adds Aero based transparancy to your console window. The only thing you need is to import the module and Enable-AeroGlassTheme.

That’s much better. It looks clean and it’s easy to make a PowerShell instance stand out, or make it stand out less if you like.






This works great on the machine the customer provided me, because its Windows 7 based. Windows 8 and higher don’t have Aero, so when you enable the module… it simply looks ridiculous.

At http://www.glass8.eu/ I did find a utility to make Aero Glass return to Windows 8 and 8.1. After installation it looks much better.

Is it usefull? Maybe not, but it does look sexy!







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