Rename a VM and its files

Just a quick tip: to rename a VM and all VM files (vmx, vmdk and such), shut down the VM, rename it then migrate it to another host and make sure you migrate to another datastore.


OCS 2007 R2: Error with Group Expansion

Our OCS client gave an unknown error when trying to expand Distribution Groups. After lots of searching I found this

After trying this we still had the issue. So after finding out that you can test groupexpansion when connecting to the DG URL from the OCS server itself (localhost), I got an error message.

There still was a problem with rights and probably with impersonation. I found out the application pool was using the RTCComponentService instead of IIS_WPG. Giving RTCComponentService impersonation rights fixed it!


VMware CDP returns localhost

In a Cisco network it’s possible to check a connected device using CDP. By default an ESXi server uses the listen setting for CDP. This enables you to see to which switch and port your host is connected in the VI Client.

Because we have a Cisco network we decided to also let the hosts send out it’s own information to the switches. We then used this to generate an automatic drawing of our network.

This is when things got odd: all hosts were returning localhost as the hostname. This made a strange drawing seeing al the “localhosts” as interfaces to the same hosts and drawing direct lines between all our datacenters.

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Taking the Dell Latitude XT2 to 7 (and back again)

Last week I’ve received my Dell Latitude XT2. Standard the XT2 is equipped with Vista business and receives its multi-touch capabilities through the N-trig driver. Since Windows 7 has native support for multi-touch I decided to install Windows 7.

Before staring the installation I made a manual full backup with my Windows home server and copied the Dell drivers folder to an USB stick. The installation of Windows 7 itself went smooth, about 20 minutes after starting the installation I was presented with the wizard to configure the network. After the initial reboot the XT2 immediately started downloading drivers through Windows Update. I decided to let it do that to see how much of the hardware was usable after that. After the reboot most of the hardware seemed to be working, even though the device manager showed several exclamation marks. Since video, sound and even the touch screen was working.

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VMware: Maintenance mode stalls

The last weeks I’ve been working to get a VMware environment up and running in good shape. Since the hosts wouldn’t go into maintenance mode because the virtual machines couldn’t get migrated of the hosts. VMotion did actually work.

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Web 2.0 in business (part 1)

We recently had a workshop about Web 2.0 and the New World of Work. Which made me rethink Web 2.0 and what I know about it, but also it made me think about what possibilities Web 2.0 brings to business. Since I want to talk about a lot here, this will be a multipart post.

First I want to talk about the evolution of the web. It’s actually kind of funny when you try to map this to the progression a person makes when learning to transfer information in text.

When you first learn to write, you learn single words. You learn to use these words in sentences using some semantic rules. These allowed you to put your message down in a way someone else knew what you meant. Read more »


VM gone AWOL in ESX

At my current project we’re busy with an Exchange upgrade. Since my laptop is not a member of the domain I have been using a virtual machine hosted on ESX for tasks related to this migration.

One morning when trying to connect to the desktop I got an error that the destination host was unreachable. Read more »


Making Core a bit less “hard”core

With the introduction of Windows Server 2008 the option has been introduced to do a Core installation. On a Core installation you will have no graphical interface and only limited roles and functions are supported.
Why would you choose a Core installation?

Reduced maintenance. The amount of supported roles is limited, there for the installation has less components. This is also the reason why a Core installation requires slightly less disk space, about 1 GB less.
Reduced attack surface. With just the core functionality working, there is less support for applications running on the server, which decreases the attack surface.
Reduced management. Because fewer applications and services are installed on a server running a Server Core installation, there is less to manage. According to Microsoft a Core installation will require approximately 30% less patches.

All good stuff you would think, but installing a Core installation can be a bit tricky, especially when you don’t do it on a daily basis. Read more »


Is Windows 7 what Atom needs?

Last weekend I decided to install Windows 7 RC on my Kohjinsha SC3. The SC3 is an Intel Atom powered UMPC that comes standard with Windows Vista and is equipped with a 7″ rotatable touchscreen. I’ve always been a bit disappointed with the performance of this combination; the device was a bit too slow to be usable for my purposes. Note taking with OneNote was a bit laggy and even though the GMA500 is capable of running aero glass, Vista would suggest turning it off to improve performance every time you started a new application. A lot of users have tried installing Windows XP to improve the performance, but the crappy support for inking made me cling on to Vista.

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Finaly my own 850

Ever since I was a boy I’ve been dreaming about a cream-yellow Volvo 850 T-5R. Now the time has come to drive one, virtual, but still.

Volvo and Simbin have released Volvo, the game. This racing game gives you an idea how it is to race with some well-known Volvo’s. You can choose from a 240 up to the not yet released S60 concept and steer those as fast as possible over 2 racing tracks. And yes Dave, the C30 is there as well, so there is no need for speeding on the dutch highways anymore!

And the best of all this… it’s free of charge! You will get a few adds while the game is loading, but I still think it’s a great deal.

You can find the 570MB download here: Volvo the game