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Configuration Issues with Vsphere

After an import of 40 ESX 3.5 virtual machines from an external company, we discovered that we couldn’t power up any new virtual machines unless we disabled “Admission Control” on that specific cluster. After correcting the settings on the cluster it showed on the summary page of the cluster that VMware HA had a Configured […]


Rename a VM and its files

Just a quick tip: to rename a VM and all VM files (vmx, vmdk and such), shut down the VM, rename it then migrate it to another host and make sure you migrate to another datastore.


VMware: Maintenance mode stalls

The last weeks I’ve been working to get a VMware environment up and running in good shape. Since the hosts wouldn’t go into maintenance mode because the virtual machines couldn’t get migrated of the hosts. VMotion did actually work.


VM gone AWOL in ESX

At my current project we’re busy with an Exchange upgrade. Since my laptop is not a member of the domain I have been using a virtual machine hosted on ESX for tasks related to this migration. One morning when trying to connect to the desktop I got an error that the destination host was unreachable.