The perfect mobile device…

… doesn’t exist… (yet) at least, not in my opinion.

The past four days at TechEd I’ve brought my laptop with me. The first two days I’ve tried my Dell Precision M6500, which is way too heavy and lasts on the battery for about 5 seconds… no, that’s not true, but I struggle to get 2 hours out of it. On top of that it’s too heavy and big to have on your lap to type while you listen.

The second two days I’ve brought my Dell Latitude XT2. Which is way better in terms of battery life (close to 5 hours on the standard battery!) and size and weight. But… of course there is a but… note taking is excellent, the convertible screen is really brilliant, but I don’t like that websites don’t fit on the screen because of the crappy resolution. When in portrait mode you have to set the zoom level in IE at 75% otherwise even the most basic website simply doesn’t fit.

Apart from that… being used to a laptop with a resolution of 1920×1200 and a Core I7… anything that’s substantially slower tends to annoy you a bit. And a 1,4Ghz Core 2 duo is not to slow for Windows 7 and Office, but in comparison… the difference in performance is just too big to be comfortable.

I can hear you thinking… “What about an Ipad?” Well, for starters, it lacks both input methods that I personally really like. A pen is ideal, if the Ipad would support that I would defiantly try it. But for now I think I’ll just dream about an 8″ device, running Windows 7, comes with both capacitive and digitizer support… and has a battery life of 8 hours. All of this of course while delivering the same experience as on my every day laptop… or at least close 😉 I know that it something that doesn’t exist… but hey… I’m allowed to dream right? J

Tomorrow the last day of TechEd Europe… looking forward to a session about Direct Access!

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    You’re spoiled 🙂

    But with you on the ideal device with the addition that the pen should feel like your regular (fountain) pen.


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