Teched Day 1

Today was the keynote session at Teched 2010 in Berlin.

During this session Brad Anderson welcomed everybody and explained Microsoft’s vision. A lot of that vision is about the cloud and how the cloud can enhance the user experience.

SP1 for Windows 7 and 2008 R2

One of the new features in SP1 for Windows 7 and 2008 R2 is Remote FX. This brings the rich user interface that Windows 7 has to offer to the remote desktop. The workload for this is done by the GPU in the server, so no extra workload is added to the CPU.

Another new feature in SP1 is Dynamic Memory. VMware is already providing this in vSphere, but now Hyper-V will also benefit from a better use of memory. Dynamic memory will help Hyper-V to host 40% more load on the same hardware you are using today.

The Cloud

Microsoft’s vision on cloud computing is a user centric one. In an ideal world it’s not important how, or with what device, a user connects to the information in the cloud. Even the choice of the type of cloud (private, public, hybrid) should not make any difference in the end users experience.

To explain this a brief demonstration has been given with Windows Phone 7. Several applications were shown and explained how the information in the cloud is transformed into a uniform interface experience. Whether you are browsing eBay, or looking for a movie, the interface and the way you interact with the information stays the same.

Microsoft believes that we’re only at the start of the ‘cloud-age’ and that the endpoint should be Platform as a service. Software as a service and infrastructure as a service is only the beginning.

Microsoft’s offerings in cloud services have all been shortly demoed.

Microsoft Azure
Office 365 (formerly known as BPOS)
Windows Intune
System Center

With System Center Microsoft is working hard on a single management console for all of your services. Whether it’s running locally in your own datacenter, or on Microsoft Azure. You manage it from the same console. Personaly, I like this much better than a web interface that ‘almost’ gives you what you want. A good example of this is the web client from vSphere. It works… but the vSphere client is so much nicer to work with.

See you tomorrow for information from day 2!

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